Fontaine: KOGAN Playing cards

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Fontaine: KOGAN Playing Cards are drawn by Kirill Kogan (a Berlin based artist and illustrator) and designed by Zach Mueller.
1 of 5000 decks

Originally from Moscow, Russia Kogan carries a very raw, retro feel into his artwork.
Kogan’s artwork is inspired from skateboard culture as well as comics, video games and movies.
The deck is completely custom (from the pips, indices, values, and all the regular plus court cards) showcasing his unique style.

As an additional surprise, the back “fire” surrounding the classic Fontaine “f” animates and morphs into the Kogan name as you riffle through the deck.
Includes duplicate jokers and ad cards.

The tuck is embossed and debossed.
The cards farro well and have a buttery feel.
Printed in the United States on signature crushed classic stock.

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