Fontaine: Pink Panther Playing cards

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Two great icons together. Fontaine Playing Cards and The Pink Panther partnered to create Fontaine: Pink Panther Playing Cards.
Limited to 10,000 decks.

Since the first Pink Panther movie was released, the Pink Panther has infiltrated pop culture around the world.
Pink Panther always was one step ahead of Inspector Clouseau, with his charm and wit.

Fontaine Pink Panther Playing Cards are the 39th edition of Fontaines.
Casually leaning against the iconic Fontaine letter “F” the Pink Panther adds a playful element to the Fontaine Pink Panther backs.
The fully custom deck features a tranquil pink colorway and features the pop culture’s cherished cat on the tuck box, card backs, Ace of Spades and court cards.

  • Printed in the United States by the U.S. Playing Card Company
  • Signature crushed classic stock
  • Limited edition 1 of 10,000 decks.

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