Leaf Playing Cards

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Capture the feeling of nature by bringing its serenity, beauty, and peacefulness to your card table.

On making this deck, the major emphasis was to make it fit for regular card games, magic, and flourishes.

While each face card is fully customized, the original identity of the cards remains intact, all the pips and faces are clear and easy to read, making the deck perfect for card games.

The unique shade of green has been carefully selected to be eye-catching and clean, along with the leaf artwork brings the back design to completeness.

The custom court cards bring fanciful twist to the familiar faces, swords have been replaced by wooden branches, royal suits now feature different kind of leaves.

The clean green back design along with the mirrored leaf artwork fit together to make every flourish performed with this deck looks perfect.

Finally, the cards are printed by USPCC standard stock with linen smooth finish, making the deck handle superbly and ideal for magic

  • 100% custom artwork
  • Printed by US Card Co
  • Custom tuck box
  • Luxury linen finish
  • Standard USPCC stock
  • Traditionally cut
  • Comes with 2 blank cards
  • 2 custom Jokers

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