5th anniversary Bicycle Cardistry (Standard) Playing Cards by Handlordz

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HOT! This BICYCLE® Cardistry 5th Anniversary Collector’s Deck – “with PREMIUM METALLIC GOLD INK” is a MUST HAVE RARE LIMITED EDITION DECK for your card collection!

This 5 year commemorative deck will not be reprinted! De’vo, the co-creator of the artform of pure card manipulation created the world’s first decks designed specifically for modern card manipulation. This deck can also be used for poker, magic and anything else you like as they are printed on the finest stock and finishes in the world!

This EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR’S Bicycle® Cardistry GOLD 5th Anniversary deck is very limited and has De’vo’s signature twin tip mirror back design allowing you to make different fans depending on which way you fan them. The incredible black face borders accentuate cuts and moves while the gold corner accents make cool patterns in reverse fans.

Note: All images are 3D renderings, actual product may vary.

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