Rubik’s Cube Stickers – Custom Printed Vinyl Stickers

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Note: This product comes in sheets of 4 sets per quantity; all with your design applied. We aim to ship this item within 1-2 working days, sending proofs before print.

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With a choice between 3×3 Rubik’s cubes, to large-scale 7×7 cubes, Customise your cube to your own style.


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Looking to further personalise the worlds most iconic puzzle? We print Rubik’s Cube Stickers that are perfectly cut and easily applicable. Twist and turn your Rubik’s cube in style with these custom stickers, the perfect gift for any puzzle enthusiast.

Hone your skills these stickers, perfect for anything from branded logos, to pictures and much much more. We allow you to design this game to a need that suits you, designed and applied from the comfort of your own home. 

About Our Rubik’s Cube Stickers:

This sticker sheet comes in a set of 4, with perfectly colour matched stickers that will seamlessly merge with your puzzle. This set also allows for personal maintenance, keeping your Rubik’s Cube personalised for years to come. As another option, we also offer the chance to choose your own individualised colours to help match any colour scheme you are looking for.

Alternatively, this is also the perfect gift for any magic lover, helping them create eye-popping performances. With no gimmicks involved, learn a multitude of magical techniques with your own branded cube and even create new magical tricks to show off to others. You never know, these stickers may help perfect your technique and aid in creating a personal best time solving your favourite pastime!

Whether you are a beginner or expert, our Rubik’s Cube Stickers help to simply customise this world famous gift on your own!

Looking For More?

This product is for 9×9 rubik’s cubes only, be sure to get in touch at to enquire about any differing sized cubes.

In addition, take a look here for any first-rate sticker printing services you may require.

To collect, please visit our Stockport branch located HERE. Our team of staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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