Peeksmith Peekbox by PrintByMagic

£19.99 + Vat

Your unique peek-box for your electronic peek device.

  • Magnetic flap with mirror
  • Access to all buttons
  • Bicycle or Phoenix design.
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The Sneaky Peekbox designed and printed by PrintbyMagic.

After Months of trial and error we bring you an incredibly versatile peek accessory for your PeekSmith 3 device.  

This is INSANE… “Mark Elsdon”

This unique peek box is not only extremely functional but can also hold a FULL DECK OF CARDS!

Perfect for shocking any audience with your mind-boggling magic!

Also, with fully accessible buttons, this deck comes fitted with a magnetic flap and mirror, allowing for simple card reading and leaving audiences breath taken.

This advanced deck of playing cards comes completely assembled for your convenience. Which Allows for instant performances upon arrival!

Our peekbox is guaranteed to create staggering performances; becoming the perfect addition to any collection and is the perfect gift for all interested in magic!

In addition, as of this very moment, we are aiming to ship this sneaky product within 2-3 working days!

Product Specifications: With this product you can choose between the following…

  • A choice between Phoenix and Bicycle boxes, allowing for your own playing card preference!
  • Box colours of red and blue, allowing you to insert any deck of your choice!

OFFER: You can buy any 2 peekboxes for £35 (32 Euros approx)

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Why not take a look at some of our high-quality playing card printing here! The perfect combination to go alongside your peekbox!

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