Mis-Indexed Gaff Pack

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Back and better than ever! Our most popular gaff cards can now be purchased as a pack of Mis-Indexed Gaff Cards!

Mis-Indexed cards are the perfect way to produce your very own gimmick within your deck of Bicycle Playing Cards.

You read that right! We print this set of cards onto Bicycle®, the top choice of playing cards around!

This set of cards is the finest way to bring your magic to the next level in a straightforward manner.

Within the Mis-Indexed Gaff Pack, you will receive:

  • 1 Mis-Indexed Jack of Spades / Jack of Clubs
  • 1 Mis-Indexed Jack of Diamonds / Jack of Hearts
  • 1 Mis-Indexed Queen of Spades / Queen of Clubs
  • 1 Mis-Indexed Queen of Diamonds / Queen of Hearts
  • 1 Mis-Indexed King of Spades / King of Clubs
  • 1 Mis-Indexed King of Diamonds / King of Hearts
  • 2 Double Backer – Red Back / Blue Back

With this set of Mis-Indexed Gaff Cards, you also have a choice of these cards as red backed or blue backed playing cards.

Interested in Magic, feel free to look at our large variety of Magic items which we are sure you will enjoy!

Furthermore, why not take a look at our full range of Mis-Indexed cards for further options!

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Bicycle Back: No selection

Red, Blue


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