We specialise in printing onto Bicycle Playing Cards!

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Stay up to date with our latest offers, as we aim to provide you with top of the range-high quality magic tricks and inspiration that will shock the world around you!

This week, Step into a world where the impossible becomes possible as you wield the power of these extraordinary gaff cards. This limited-time offer brings together a mesmerizing collection of misindexed and mixed gaff cards that will take your magical performances to new heights!


Magic Sets Perfect For all Ages.


At PrintByMagic we LOVE Playing Cards.  We have had the opportunity to print for some of the most prestigious magicians around the world.  

Although we specialise in printing onto Bicycle Playing Cards (the best cards in the world),  we also create promotional decks of various quantities for your brand or company to suit all manner of occasions.


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"PrintByMagic never fails to deliver fantastic quality playing cards colour matched so they work great on Television and stage. Highly Recommended."
TV Magician
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