Misindexed / Mixed Gaff Pack Bundle

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Discover enchanting possibilities with our Gaff Pack Bundle! This exclusive collection features the “Mis-Indexed Gaff Pack” and “Mixed Gaff Pack,” both professionally printed on genuine Bicycle playing cards. Elevate your magic with mind-bending illusions, seamless transformations, and stunning revelations. Whether you’re a seasoned magician or a curious enthusiast, this bundle will add a touch of wonder to your performances.

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Introducing our sensational Gaff Pack Bundle, a magician’s dream come true! This exclusive bundle includes two extraordinary packs, “Mis-Indexed Gaff Pack” and “Mixed Gaff Pack,” both masterfully printed onto genuine Bicycle playing cards, ensuring top-notch performance and durability.

Inside the “Mis-Indexed Gaff Pack,” you’ll discover a mind-bending collection of cards

With the “Mis-Indexed Gaff Pack,” prepare to bewilder and amaze your audience. Unleash the power of mis-indexed cards with the included Jacks, Queens, and Kings, and watch as reality bends at your fingertips. Create unforgettable moments of wonder as you perform jaw-dropping effects that defy the laws of perception, Including:

  • 1 Mis-Indexed Jack of Spades / Jack of Clubs
  • 1 Mis-Indexed Jack of Diamonds / Jack of Hearts
  • 1 Mis-Indexed Queen of Spades / Queen of Clubs
  • 1 Mis-Indexed Queen of Diamonds / Queen of Hearts
  • 1 Mis-Indexed King of Spades / King of Clubs
  • 1 Mis-Indexed King of Diamonds / King of Hearts
  • 2 Double Backer – Red Back / Blue Back

The “Mixed Gaff Pack” offers a versatile set of cards to finish this gaff pack bundle

The “Mixed Gaff Pack” will take your magic to new heights. Armed with double backers in red and blue, you’ll seamlessly execute astonishing colour changes and mind-boggling transpositions. Explore the King of Clubs impaled with the 7 of Hearts, the enigmatic 11 of Diamonds, and the intriguing 52 on 1 Card for incredible versatility in your routines, featuring:

  • 1 King Of Clubs With Impaled 7 of Hearts
  • 1 11 Of Diamonds
  • 1 52 On 1 Card
  • 1 Your Card Playing Card
  • 1 Six of Spades Heap
  • 1 Ace of Hearts With 6 of Spades Reveal
  • 1 0 of Hearts
  • 1 3 and 1/2 of Clubs
  • 1 Queen of Spades Holding 5 Hearts
  • 1 9 of Clubs Swirl
  • 1 Joker With 3 of Hearts Reveal
  • 1 Blurred King of Hearts
  • 1 3 of Clubs With 7 of Hearts Burn

With this astonishing bundle, your magic performances will reach new heights. Leave your audience spellbound as you perform jaw-dropping illusions, impossible transformations, and mind-reading feats. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, the Gaff Pack Bundle will be your ultimate tool to create unforgettable moments of wonder. Enhance your repertoire today and order this extraordinary Gaff Pack Bundle! Interested in Magic, feel free to look at our large variety of Magic items which we are sure you will enjoy!

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