Thumb Strap by MagicWorld

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  • No Fumbling!
  • Nothing to go Wrong!
  • Can be examined!
  • At last here’s a great new Thumb Tie that is so easy to do!

The thumbs are securely fastened with a leather strap and buckle by a member of the audience. Now the Magic begins as you proceed to do the impossible, catching hoops (thrown by a spectator) one at a time on your arms – even though your thumbs are checked and found to be still well and truly fastened. And, not only that, you can even pass your tied thumbs through the backs of chairs, peoples arms etc. etc.

Remember, the strap can be examined by the spectator at any time and still they’ll be none the wiser. Can be done close-up or on stage, ideal for any type of audience and has great comedy potential.

The outfit has fully detailed instructions and of course complete with David’s New Leather Thumb Strap. No hoops supplied – as you can use any type of hoop or rings.

Almost a complete act in itself, and is a featured item of many famous magicians.


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