Ace Fulton’s Casino: Miami Vice Blue Playing Cards

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The legendary Ace Fulton’s Casino have been a staple of the playing card world for over a decade. When Ace Fulton’s Casino debuted over ten years ago it was the first modern casino deck to come complete with a fictional backstory and location — somewhere in the nether regions of The Twilight Zone. This deck spawned a generation of copycats — own the original in this new and vibrant take for summer.

Also, a little birdie told me these are marked-as the original Ace FULTONS are. With the return of the classic small Fulton pips and altered suits, Ace has something up his sleeve for sure.

This is the best Ace has looked in a long while. This aqua blue reminds me of Miami Vice and long days poolside at the old Casino.

Take the plunge and impress your friends.

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