Alpaca Christmas Kids Playing Cards

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Welcome to the farm!

 Inspired by alpacas at Yaya’s Alpaca Farm in Garden City, MO, this fully customized deck brings a cute and fun vibe to your favorite card games or collection. The cards come in 3 different variants and each deck features 13 of the farm’s beloved alpacas. Designed by Mike Blandin, they bring the love, warmth and quirkiness of these animals directly to your home.

 The Farm deck’s suits have been modified to include elements from the farm: hay & grass (Hearts), clovers (Clubs), name tags (Diamonds) and shovels (Spades) with alpaca poo! The identical jokers included feature all the alpacas peeking in to say hello!

 The Christmas and Kid’s Sized Christmas decks have been redesigned to bring you some fluffy holiday fun. The alpacas are adorned with antlers, hats, scarfs, cookies, candy canes and holly. The suits for these are the following: presents (Hearts), Christmas trees (Clubs), snowflakes (Diamonds) and snow/ice on the Spades. The main pips on the numbered cards of the Kid’s deck have been removed so your kiddos can get a better look at the animals! On the jokers you’ll find a cheeky alpaca spitting your way. Ba Humbug!

 The Farm and Christmas decks are poker sized and have been printed by MPC on S27 card stock with BETA finish, making them smooth to handle and easy to shuffle. The boxes for these decks have a T30 UV coated gloss finish that really fits the artwork and gives them a nice sheen. The Kid’s Sized Christmas deck (2.5″ x 1.75″) has been printed on S27 card stock as well with MPC’s game card finish making them less slippery for children and come box-less in shrink wrap so they’re ready to be opened and played with!

Farm deck 1 of 1000
Christmas deck 1 of 500
Kid’s Christmas deck 1 of 500

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