Bicycle Lilliput Playing Cards (1000 Deck Club) by Collectable Playing Cards

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A long time ago, a traveling man named Gulliver traveled to an island located in the Indian Ocean, somewhere northwest of Tasmania. There he was captured by the Lilliputans, vicious, pretentious, mean men of stature, no more than 6 inches tall. These little guys were at war with the neighboring island nation of Blefuscu and enlisted Gulliver to help defend their nation.

This age old story, written in 1726, is understood to be a satirical portrait of the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of France, though only the internal politics of Lilliput are described in detail.

With this fun and interesting deck, you will travel to Lilliput island, just as Gulliver did so long ago. Maybe you will learn how to properly crack an egg. Great for family game night. Perfect for your collection too!

  • Bicycle branded
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Air-cushion finish
  • Hand drawn artwork and custom pips
  • 1000 Deck Club seal

Total print run for Bicycle Lilliput was 1392

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