Carat CI1 Single Deck Coin Insert 39 diameter

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Introducing the Carat CI1-39 Coin Insert for one, three and five deck combination Carat Cases, which allows you to display your decks along with a 39mm diameter coin.

The Carat Case CI1 Coin Inserts are 3mm acrylic plates with a circular cutout to hold a coin in place when displayed inside a Carat Case. The Carat CI1 comes in five different coin sizes: 38mm (1.5in), 39mm, 40mm, 44.5mm (1.75in) and 51mm (2.0in) diameter.

Carat Card Cases by Carat Case Creations are the preferred playing card storage and display cases of discriminating collectors, designers and playing card manufacturers. Carat Case Creations has worked with many of the top designers and companies to create custom cases, including Butterfly Playing Cards, including, Chris Ovdiyenko, Expert Playing Card Co, Jackson Robinson, Lee Asher, Midnight Playing Cards, Mint Playing Cards, Rick Davison, Stockholm 17, Thirdway Industries, Tru-Card and USPCC.


  • Materials used: 3mm archival quality clear acrylic
  • Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.7cm with a 39mm diameter circular cutout in the center


  • Coins and decks come in varying thicknesses and the combination of the two might be too thick to display in a Carat Case. The best way to see if your coin and deck will work is to put a deck inside a case and the coin on top of it. If the lid closes normally, then it is OK, but if the lid doesn’t close completely or properly, it most likely won’t work and it’s best not to try and force it.
  • Coins aren’t always the exact size that the creator states and sometimes the coin is larger than its stated size, in which case, the coin might be a little tight in the insert

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