Card Masters Precious Metals (Foil) Playing Cards by Handlordz

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LIMITED EDITION Precious Metals Edition with 4 foil box – Card Masters – The MUST HAVE Deck of the year!

“De’vo’s Signature Series Card Masters” Precious Metals is the embodiment of unique and beautiful in playing card design! This amazing new deck has custom everything- custom pips, court cards and jokers all done in 4 different precious metal coloring patterns – Platinum, Tungsten, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold. The AMAZING artwork by Anika Burrell is breathtaking! Each suit has its own unique mask and coloring broken up into the 4 different precious metals.

Each “Card Master” court card has signature card manipulation moves such as fans and card springs. This is the special 4 foil embossed “Soft Touche” box which is the first time De’vo has created a box with 4 different foils! You have to see this in person to appreciate all the beautiful details. You may have seen De’vo’s previous decks on a large variety of television shows to include Stan Lee’s Superhumans.

De’vo’s Chrome Kings Deck was featured on Dude Perfect with Rick Smith Jr. (has over 178+ MILLION VIEWS). Most recently De’vo’s Falcon Deck appeared on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us! De’vo’s decks have also appeared in many shows used by a variety of professional magicians and card manipulators. De’vo’s decks are some of the most sought after cards in the world and are in the homes of presidents and celebrities around the globe. This brand new HOT offering from De’vo is 100% custom from the pips to the incredible detail on each and every court card.
,Br>De’vo’s decks handle like no other and are WORLD CLASS! These are PERFECT for card collectors, poker/game players, magicians and manipulators that want a beautiful and BOLD deck of playing cards! If you even remotely like playing cards, then you NEED this deck in your collection before they are gone forever!

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