Cartomancer Shadow Classic (with Booklet) Playing Cards

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Let me introduce you to the newest member of the Cartomancer Series – Duality. Two individual fully customized packs make a set and complement each other like the sun and moon. These two decks are Clarity and Shadow.

In the new SHADOW Deck, night has fallen on all the Cartomancer cards. Each one features a mirror image of the Clarity Deck illustration yet is set on a dark gray background. Look close enough, and you’ll notice the shadow cards concealing differences rich in symbolism. That’s why it’s considered the deck of dreams and secrets.


EACH card tells a story with an illustration made with multiple vintage engravings. The Shadow Deck together with the Clarity Deck complement each other like the earth and the sky, painting the landscape of our lives in a beautifully evocative style. The result is a thought-provoking synergy between significance and design.


The Cartomancer decks use the existing structure of a standard pack of cards as a canvas for a new instinctive cartomancy system. ALL the cards feature universal archetypes and symbols making it a very instinctive tool for divination.

Each deck comes with its little white book, a 32-page black and white illustrated booklet the size of the box, containing an introduction to the deck, ideas for divination and keyword meanings for each card.


Printed by the USPCC United States Playing Card Company on finest Casino Quality Bee Playing Cards paper stock.

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