Crujir Playing Cards by Area 52

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LIMITED EDITION: Only 2000 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

Crujir Playing Cards was designed by Alex Matencio, and realised and produced by Area52Magic. They are designed in collaboration with Diva Playing Cards.

Only 2000 decks will be made, ever.

They are specially designed for cardistry, with curated, specially chosen colors. The faces are modified to the perfect extent, suitable for magicians and cardists alike, but also stay true to the ever recognizable Bicycle face cards. Magic and lefty-friendly design.

Its pronounced “CREW – HIR”

Each deck comes with a double backer, duplicate card, and an ad card.


The backs feature rich CMYK colors. The design is made in such a way that all fans, spreads, and cuts complement the different elements. The lines look amazing in spreads and fans, while the circles move along with the cards in twirls, spins, and cuts. The block-like elements make for fantastic packet cuts as well.

Made for motion.

A mixture of Bauhaus, geometry, and colors. Lines, blocks, circles, and sharp edges come together to create the one-of-a-kind back design on Crujir Playing Cards.


The Faces are custom made, using Bicycle faces as an inspiration and base. As magicians ourselves, we wanted to keep the faces standard and recognizable enough so as not to provoke suspicion, but also unique and custom enough to suit a cardistry deck.

All Face cards are borderless and are increased 20% in size. This unique combination gives more intricate patterns and facial expressions, and provides smaller details with a more vivid presence. Clothing colors match the backs.


The tuck case was made to complement the overall design. No detail is left unattended. The tuck case features rich supplementary artwork that gives the user a peek of the canvas they’re about to open.

This tuck case features several smaller elements, which give it a unique, asymmetrical yet organised look.


Crujir Playing Cards will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company

All decks will be premium (Bee) stock, double crushed, with an air cushion finish.

This is the best combination USPCC offers, and is also thus the most expensive one to produce.

Premium crushed stock allows for comfortable, soft springs and bends.

Air cushion finish allows for the smoothest fans, spreads, and cuts.

A traditional cut allows for effortless faro shuffles.

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