Fluid Art Green (Luxury Edition) Playing Cards

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From aurora to dusk, from Hermes Orange to Tiffany Blue, from Mondrian to Van Gogh. Color has always been an enduring topic in modern literature and art.

When you have grown weary of standard red and blue, black and white, or even the rigid lines and geometry, you might want to consider these playing cards. The beautiful flowing marble pattern that does not exist in reality, dotted with stars that shine like a galaxy. This is the Fluid Art Playing Cards Luxury Edition.

These playing cards are inspired by fluid paintings, which are a modern abstract expression. Three vivid colors of red, blue, and green are formed by allowing them to flow freely after breaking free of the shackles of hard lines. The image has rich details and a strong hint of chaos, ever-changing and beautiful.

It’s not just a jumble of colors. The balance of color and outline of the fluid art makes the images give off a hypnotic magnificence that directly hits the soul. The gradient effect produced when the color flows also adds a distinct layering to the back design of the playing card.

We have made some new and substantial upgrades to the design, which is now available in three colors, red, blue, and green.

The design is themed around three flowing colors. The tuck box is exquisite and rich in details. The textured pattern and hot-foiling make the tuck box feel integrated with the pattern. The tuck box design is further embellished with hints of luxurious gold foil. Each design is different and has multiple layers of color.

Colored foiling is also added to the inside of the tuck box.

The faces of the playing cards have been modified from the classic colors. The originally black pips of the Spades and Clubs have been filled with colors corresponding to the backs of the playing cards. There are rich layers of red, blue, and green, in the pips, but also hints of gold color. The Hearts and Diamonds are now gold in color to ease gameplay and magic.

Individual decks are wrapped in an extra luxurious black and gold envelope. The jarring contrast between the black envelope and the vibrant colors of the tuck boxes will enhance your unboxing experience. The envelope is sealed with a special sealing wax corresponding to the color of the playing card. This wax seal would ensure that the playing cards are unbesmirched.

  • Available in 3 new striking colorways. Red, green, and blue.
  • Limited to 1000 decks for each color.
  • Custom numbered seal.
  • High-quality, double-sided, hot-foiled tuck boxes.
  • Individually wrapped in foiled envelopes.
  • Corresponding colored wax seal.
  • Printed in Taiwan.
  • Standard poker size.
  • Textured finish.
  • 52 playing cards +2 Jokers

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