Gilded Bicycle Balloon Desert Playing Cards

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Delve into the enchanting desert landscape with our Balloon Desert Gilded Bicycle Playing Cards, a limited-edition release now made even more exclusive with luxurious gilded edges. This captivating deck, a product of the collaboration between PlayingCardDecks and the esteemed artist Juniardi Satyanagara, is part of our Balloon series and is a true collector’s gem with less than 288 decks available.

Each card is a testament to the playful and varied life in the desert, depicted as stunning balloon animals, now enhanced with the elegance of gilded edges. These cards are not just visually appealing; they are crafted for performance with a superior Air-Cushion finish by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC).

Featured Desert Animals:

  • Spades: Cheetah (King), Hyena (Queen), Scorpion (Jack)
  • Hearts: Camel (King), Oryx (Queen), Gecko (Jack)
  • Clubs: Desert King Snake (King), Vulture (Queen), Tarantula (Jack)
  • Diamonds: Ostrich (King), Meerkat (Queen), Chuckwalla (Jack)

Join us in celebrating the wonder of the desert with these limited edition Balloon Desert Gilded Bicycle Playing Cards. With their luxurious gilded edges and limited availability, these decks are a must-have for any collector or card enthusiast. Order yours today and elevate your card collection.

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