Grandmasters Black Widow Spider Edition (Foil) Playing Cards by HandLordz

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MASTER SERIES – Grandmasters by De’vo – Black Widow Spider Edition with the incredible black “soft touche” black foil box which has red holographic foil on the inside, and comes with numbered seal! Extremely RARE! This is an AMAZING Black version of De’vo’s famous Grandmasters deck which introduced “Princess Court Cards”.

This STUNNING bold and striking black version features all black face cards, a drop dead gorgeous back design which creates stunning fans, custom pips, and custom court cards. This deck also features Black Widow Spiders on the spade court cards.

This version keeps the 4 additional “Princess” court cards that can be used to replace the jacks, or used in a wide variety of ways. All of De’vo’s products are LIMITED EDITION and are not reprinted! DO NOT miss!

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