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How To Print On Wood – Wooden Hearts Personalised

Hey Everyone.. we have just added a new product to the PrintByMagic site… check out this video on How To Print On Wood. We can now print onto wood and for that matter almost any surface and depth! It is a perfect way to customize your piece of furniture! It doesn’t require any special equipment. Wood is a popular material for printing onto because it is easy to carve. It can be done using either relief or intaglio techniques.

Wood has been used for printing in recent years as an eco-friendly way to produce printed material. Printing onto wood is a growing trend with the recent rise in popularity of wood as a medium.

In this video, we showcase how we print onto wood! We print using a high-class UV printer that creates long-lasting results for your print.

Check out this quick video we made:
To order this product simply go to Personalised Wooden Hearts. We hope you enjoyed watching our video on How To Print On Wood, if you could leave a comment that would be much appreciated. Also, send us a quote and let us know about the perfect business card to promote you and your company now. Alternatively, send us a detailed email through or contact us directly on 0161 464 4304. If you are looking for more printing related information and inspiration, be sure to visit some more of our motivating blogs and learn more about the topic of printing and the services we offer.

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  1. Tracy Wiley

    Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one! Thanks for teaching me this information, I am going to subscribe now!

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