Impossible Tear US 20 Banknote x4 – Stage Money

£14.99 + Vat

The impossible tear banknotes are smooth and beautifully printed, making them perfect for magic tricks such as Extreme Burn and any banknote effects.

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Impossible Tear  US 20’s are the perfect magic prop for use with items such as Extreme Burn and many more. This revolutionary innovation in the world of magic and illusion, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these bank notes are not just ordinary currency; they’re a magician’s dream come true. Designed to astound and captivate, the Impossible Tear US 20 adds an enchanting twist to classic tricks, creating a spellbinding experience that defies belief.

Imagine holding a currency note that ignites with a mere touch of a flame, creating a breathtaking spectacle right before your audience’s eyes. The Impossible Tear US 20 is crafted with a proprietary material that enhances flammability, allowing you to incorporate fire magic like never before. Watch as the bill dances with flames, leaving your spectators in awe of your mastery over the elements.

The enchantment multiplies with the Impossible Tear US 20, available in a convenient pack of 4. Each set brings you four mesmerizing $20 bills, ensuring you have ample resources to create a series of mind-bending performances.