Let’s Play Playing Cards by Luke Wadey

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Let’s Play; the first deck in Luke’s latest collection exploring experimentation of graphic treatments, combining graphic effects, typography and pattern – taking a fresh perspective on playing card design through metaphoric concepts.

The Deck

  • Designed by Luke Wadey
  • Printed by USPCC limited to only c.1500 decks
  • Fully custom, typographic
  • Premium Bee stock, air cushion finish and traditionally cut
  • 56 fully custom cards including 4 additional cards, 3 of which are joining Jokers
  • 1 way back design with unique card faces

The story

Let’s Play V1 is designed to bring some fun to card design, combining a warped back design, with custom, traditional layout card faces, using an abstract take on typography, making each card in to its own unique piece of art, with 52 unique faces to explore.

The theme of this deck explores how emotion can be warped, stretched and distorted by graphic design. More literally speaking – how do things we see, make us feel?

The card back layers differing textures and warped typography – the words ‘Let’s Play’ distorted across the card, broken and twisted to fill the space, it’s design’s bold use of contrast held within a boarder makes for dynamic springs, fans and spreads. The cardist, the collector, the spectator are sure to enjoy watching this deck in motion – how does it make you feel?

As the shapes twist and turn during flourishes, they aim to mesmerize the spectator, working for and against each other, creating distinctive patterns and illusions.

Each time you look at the deck you’ll discover another quirk to the art on each card, the words sprawled out and vulnerable as the custom pips remain constant and reliable. The warping brings additional colors through the artwork – black and red suits expanding the color spectrum and giving each card more depth and personality.

This deck is like nothing else in your collection, and you’ll love it a little more each time you riffle through. So now is the time to jump in – Let’s Play!

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