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5 Ways To Personalise Your Business With Stickers

When it comes to personalisation, stickers are the ideal way of modifying and designing your business to look unique. When you personalise your business with stickers, it helps to individualise your company and brand, giving you a unique look amongst your audience when compared to your competitors.

Stickers can be a dominant tool when used correctly within packaging and marketing. From product labels for beer bottles or candles, to promotional tools like sample packs. The selection offered to you with stickers is long-lasting, as each variant of sticker comes with a wide array of options to choose from.

These are our 5 leading choices for how we would recommend to Personalise Your Business With Stickers:

Product Labels

When creating a product for a business big or small, having a well-made, eye-catching design is key to making your product stand out! Whether its a small sized label for candles, or large scale labels for an alcoholic beverage, your label creates a huge impact for your product!

The best way to print your labels is on a high quality vinyl sticker paper. You should always have your brand front and centre within your logo so that your product differs from your competition. As we believe your product is far superior, so make sure your labels show this!

Equipment Branding

The perfect promotion both in-house and on the go! Using a simple sticker can be useful for brand-awareness, directly place your brand logo onto a laptop or smartphone and you are good to go.

Attaching your brand to everyday items that you use regularly is a very simple marketing tactic. As you can build brand recognition by doing everyday activities such as using your smartphone when our and about and stick your brand within your viewers mind the next time they see your business.

Product Packaging

Product packaging is crucial for businesses looking to sell their products online, or in stores. Items that arer placed within a store will be judged based upon appearence on first glance. So, if you are looking to sell your ideas online, you need to make sure your item has the perfect printed design, that jumps out at them on a page or stands out against competitors when on a shelf.

This is why, stickers are a quick, affordable alternative to other printing options. Simply placing your eye-catching design onto an hardback box that will protect your item from any damage. To do this, we would reccomend label printing such asour product label printing service linked HERE.

Card Catch Stickers

Greetings cards are a requirement in our times of celebration all year round, helping to spread a message to those we care for. If you are looking to share your admiration with your employees, these stickers help protect your message. Card catch stickers are easy-peel stickers that are designed to secure an envelope inside a greetings card, with no residue!

Our card catch stickers are printed with either a personalised message, or custom printed with your own branded artwork. The great thing about these envelope stickers is that they’re an eco-friendly alternative to cellophane packaging, helping to reduce your carbon emissions which spreads a positive overall message within your company!

Giveaway Promotion

Let’s make this clear, everyone loves free stuff. Which is why giveaway stickers excel is keeping your business in the mind of your target audience! A giveaway sticker can be used in both a meetup giveaway, or product distribution when selling your items online. This helps to give your items that extra hint of personalisation that audiences love.

Why not pair a Giveaway sticker from your business with a business card, taking your handouts a step further and creating a form of promotion that will stick with them… no pun intended. You can find both forms of promotion right here on our site! Find them through both our sticker printing service, and business card printing service!

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