Phoenix and Peony (Red) Playing Cards by Bacon Playing Card Company

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  • Premium paper with embossed gold foil tuck case.
  • Printed by Bacon Playing Card Company(BPCC) in China.

The Phoenix and Peony pattern originated in 1950s China and was designed by the Design Department of Shanghai East China Textile Bureau. This design style features bold color combinations of red and green. At that time, Chinese fashion was dominated by black and other dark colors, so this innovative and vibrant design quickly swept across the country.

The patterns of Phoenix and Peony are meticulously designed by professional artists, with redesigned suits and numbers. The court cards feature a vintage European style, seamlessly combined with the peony and phoenix motifs, showcasing a fusion of different cultures. The card backs have an unconventional all-white border design, and when fanned in different directions, they create various visual effects, enhancing your cardistry moves.

In addition to the standard color combinations of red and green, there is also a special edition in blue. It incorporates the latest development of BPCC’s photochromic ink technology. The indoor card back has a white background, but when exposed to sunlight or UV flashlight, an elegant blue color will appear on the card back.

The card box is made of high-quality specialty paper. The front text is adorned with laser gold foil stamping, which is different from regular foil stamping. It reflects more vibrant colors when exposed to light at different angles. The front and back designs of the card box are outlined using the same foil stamping technique, giving the entire deck of cards a luxurious and elegant feel.

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