Queen Of Spades Cut In Half – Single Gaff Card

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Queen Of Spades Cut In Half, Digitally Printed Bicycle Card and Colour Matched!

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The well known Queen of Spades seems to be missing her lower half, leaving a blank card in its place almost as if she’s been cut in half! Our Seven Of Hearts With Six Index Gaff Card is printed onto premium quality bicycle playing cards, ready made for magic!

So, Bicycle playing cards are well known for there top of the line quality and rich heritage. So, we print directly onto blank face playing cards using our one of a kind printing process; allowing you to design and produce your own specialised decks of playing cards!

Our playing cards also make the perfect gift for hobbyists, looking to get into magic or create something such as there own card game.

About Our Queen Of Spades Cut In Half Gaff Card:

This Gaff card takes your regular queen of spades, and replaces a whole half of the card with a blank bicycle slate! This allows for for simple tricks within your deck in which your queen of spades can disappear in front of the viewers eyes!

Also, our gaff cards is digitally printed onto bicycle playing cards and colour matched to perfection! Allowing for easy placement within a regular deck of playing cards.

Simply choose between printing this design onto red, blue or blank back. We will be sure to print your gaff card within 1-2 working days!

Alternatively, if you are looking to create your own gaff card, we have expert designers at hand ready to create eye-catching designs for you. Simply fill out our quick quote form and we will be sure to get it touch with you about your idea.

Furthermore, be sure to contact info@printbymagic.com to get in touch.

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