Simple Doodle (Color) Playing Cards by Bacon Playing Card

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This is a deck of playing cards designed by Xiao Bai, a cardistry player from China. In the process of learning cardistry, there are moments of frustration due to practice failures, as well as moments of joy when receiving praise for video creations. Our everyday hobbies profoundly influence our emotions.

In the online world, emoticons have become one of the commonly used ways for people to express their feelings. Therefore, Xiao Bai cleverly combines cardistry with emoticons to vividly express his love for life.

Combine emoticons with card design, infusing vitality into the cards with the playful spirit of emoticons.

Manufactured by Bacon Playing Card Company, these cards are lightweight yet durable. Available in both color and black-and-white versions, each deck boasts unique face designs that may seem unrestrained at first glance but are meticulously crafted, brimming with a sense of artistic design.

The card backs incorporate “?” and “!” as primary design elements, along with other emoticons as subtle patterns.

Whether facing challenges in the practice of cardistry or sharing joy with others online or in real life, playing cards can serve as artistic expressions for conveying emotions.

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