Social Distancing Window Sticker – Please Stand 1M+ or 2M Large To Scale

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Comes inside a tube ready to apply.

Choose Option

Mirror Cut for applying inside the glass but readable outside.
Non Mirror Cut is for applying to the outside of the glass and readable to people outside.
2M Text Option Available.
Show your customers you care with this highly visual social distancing vinyl graphic.

With 1095mm x 505mm (1 metre in width)

Eye-Catching Graphics
Easy To Apply
Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

Sizes: Available in one size. The distance between Circles is exactly 1 Meter.

Material: Premium White Vinyl provided on backing paper ready to transfer to a window.

Application: We highly recommend using a squeegee to apply. First clean the window thoroughly. Then if you wish you can spray with water to make applying easier. Peel back the cover of the vinyl displaying the sticky side and the application tape on the other. Now tape at 2-3 points at the top and correct until straight. When you are ready to apply use a squeegee or credit card to push the vinyl lettering to the window. Put pressure across all the letters and then slowly peel away the backing tape to leave the letter on the window.

Once the backing paper is removed use soft materials to clean and push any remaining bubbles out so to not scratch the vinyl. And Voila!

Additional information

1M+ REGULAR: No selection

1M+ REGULAR, 1M+ Mirror Cut, 2M REGULAR, 2M Mirror Cut


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