Star Wars Light Side Silver Edition Playing Cards (White) by theory11

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About Star Wars Light Side Silver Edition Playing Cards:

The Light Side
Join Jedi Knights within our Star Wars Light Side Silver Edition Playing Cards, climb aboard the Millennium Falcon, and become a Rebel or Resistance hero. The LightSide deck features Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, R2-D2, and fighters from the Rebel fleet.”May the Force be with you.”

This deck is perfect for fans of the beloved series as well as collectors, making the perfect gift for anyone with a passion for playing cards!

Light Side – The Box
Embossed and foil stamped

The outer packaging is breathtaking, with striking, vibrant silver foil – mixed with clear, reflective foil that creates the illusion of the Millennium Falcon cockpit window.

Inside The Light Side
All custom court cards.

Both decks have the same set of 12 court cards, with iconic light side and dark side characters. Each card features detailed depictions of these iconic characters. On the light side: Rey, Leia Organa, Han Solo, LukeSkywalker, and more.

The Back Design
Loaded with Light Side Details from your favourite series, with references that will be sure to catch your eye!

Across the white back design, catch countless details – from the top of R2-D2 to the Rebel Alliance symbol. In the center, a repeating pattern of X-wing starfighters supports two lightsabers on each side edge.

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