Stripper Butterfly Playing Cards Version 2 Marked (Red) by Ondrej Psenicka

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The stripper decks are hand cut one card at a time, the same way Ondrej makes stripper decks for his professional use.

Big part of the Butterfly Playing Cards’ capabilities is based on one-way orientation of all the cards in the deck. This deck will help you retain and easily sort the cards in the one-way order. It enhances visibility of the one-way markings of the reversed cards in the deck, it lets the magician easily cut to the selected card(s) without looking at the deck and of course allows many effects possible with the stripper deck.

The depth of the cut is deep to allow comfortable strip-out of multiple reversed cards.

The stripper decks include 52 cards + 2 Jokers and don’t include any gaff cards.

No instructions are included.

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