The Four Seasons Wooden Boxset Playing Cards

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As one of the most traditional folk arts in China, the art of paper cut can be seen from festivals to days of blessing. lt’s not only one of the folkways to express miss and emotion, but also our common memories. To distinguish from other playing cards that depict seasons and scenery,we employ paper cut as the core style of Four Seasons and closely focus on paper cut in graphic design, craft, and creativity.

This set of decks satisfies all your imagination of playing cards deluxe craft. Not only the most pioneering cold foil printing technology is applied to the deck, but also the edges of the cards are covered with gold foil. The entire deck is wrapped in a splendid metallic sheen.

Like the other walnut box in this campaign, it consists of a wooden box made of high-grade raw wood with metal pieces and is also engraved with a high-precision laser finish. The difference is the patterns on the metal decorations. The Silk Series emphasizes more on order, while the paper cut Series emphasizes more on inspiration.

The complete paper cut pattern is originally sealed on the collector’s box symbolizing elegant inspiration, as well as nobility and immortality.


  • Two decks: gold and silver
  • Limited to 333 with a numbered seal
  • Chinese-style paper cut theme
  • Paper cut theme mechanism box
  • Luxury wooden box with hollow metal pieces
  • Pioneering cold foil printing technology
  • Gold foil edges

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