The Monkey King Playing Cards Deluxe Hall Box

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There are many portrayals of the Monkey King, but there’s only one “Havoc in Heaven.”

“Havoc in Heaven,” as an animated classic, has influenced several generations. It stands as a monumental achievement in the history of Chinese animation, and its significance is so profound that further elaboration seems redundant. The unique designs and vibrant colors in the movie make every frame classic, captivating audiences endlessly.

Discussing the behind-the-scenes trivia, accomplishments, and artistic excellence of “Havoc in Heaven” would take days on end. When combined with playing cards, it invokes a nostalgic experience reminiscent of the film, deeply imbued with Chinese culture.

The Monkey King Playing Cards Deluxe Hall Box

Contains three decks of cards, limited to 800 sets, with a unique number seal and an official authentication sticker. It features upgrades such as a double-layer card box and holographic on card faces.

The box of the Lingxiao Palace gift set adopts a four-layer laser-engraved hollow paper carving, offering a rich layering effect. The intricate details of the palace’s flying eaves and the plume on the Monkey King’s golden crown are clearly visible.

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