THE REVIVER V2 Playing cards

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  • The card back features silver Pantone metallic ink;
  • Card faces use UV fluorescent ink;
  • Card box adorned with embossed and hot-stamped gold craftsmanship, with a hollowed-out design on the back;
  • Card box is imprinted with glow-in-the-dark “Merry Christmas” and “Project Escher”;
  • Limited to 500 decks, each sealed with a unique numbered seal.

The REVIVER team introduces this new premium playing card to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the passing of the renowned visual artist M.C. Escher, famous for his contributions to the fields of art, geometry, and fashion, particularly in the realm of visual illusions.

Produced by BPCC, these high-quality playing cards strike a balance between the demands of cardistry and magic, offering a tactile experience that is flexible, smooth, sturdy, and stable, suitable for a range of activities including magic tricks, pure cuts, XCM, and everyday use.

The REVIVER V2 Christmas Edition adopts a theme dominated by Christmas green, exuding vitality and dynamism. Its texture is both soothing and balanced, making it suitable for a variety of cardistry moves and magic routines – a true hexagonal warrior in terms of touch.

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