Ten Of Hearts Quarter Card – Single Gaff Card

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Ten Of Hearts Quarter Card, Digitally Printed Bicycle Card and Colour Matched!

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The Ten Of Hearts Quarter Card Gaff Card, printed onto bicycle playing cards, the most famous deck of playing cards used by Magicians all over the world! We are proud to print gaff cards, such as this “Ten Of Hearts Quarter Card Gaff Card” gaff card onto Bicycle Playing Cards!

Bicycle playing cards are well known for there top of the line quality and rich heritage. So, we print directly onto blank face playing cards using our one of a kind printing process; allowing you to design and produce your own specialised decks of playing cards!

Our playing cards also make the perfect gift for hobbyists, looking to get into magic or create something such as there own card game.

About Our Ten Of Hearts Quarter Card Gaff Card:

This Gaff card takes the standard ten of hearts, splitting it into four. This split has been made to place your cards into opposing corners to confuse your viewers when shuffling your deck.

Also, our gaff cards is digitally printed onto bicycle playing cards and colour matched to perfection! Allowing for easy placement within a regular deck of playing cards.

Simply choose between printing this design onto red, blue or blank back. We will be sure to print your gaff card within 1-2 working days!

Alternatively, if you are looking to create your own gaff card, we have expert designers at hand ready to create eye-catching designs for you. Simply fill out our quick quote form and we will be sure to get it touch with you about your idea.

Furthermore, be sure to contact info@printbymagic.com to get in touch.

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1 review for Ten Of Hearts Quarter Card – Single Gaff Card

  1. Nicolas Peraza

    This is a fantastic Gaff card. This has so much potential. One of the easiest things you can do is similar to the Mismade Dollar Bill. Give it 2 folds, switch this in and reveal that you unfolded it incorrectly. This is also really good for any Torn and Restored tricks. I use this with the Red back in Quarters they sell. I wish they would just have the back and front on the same card, but nothing a little arts and crafts cant fix. I also wish there were more options. Other than that, this is such a great Gaff card and it gets really good reactions. I’ll definitely be buying a lot more.

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